Sandra (Sandy) Orke, Life Coach and Career Counselor

Sandra (Sandy) Orke

Life Coach, Career Counselor, MS

My background includes a Bachelors degree in Education, Masters in Counseling, training and certificate in Life Coaching from the Institute for Life Coach Training, International Coaching Federation and a NACE Management and Leadership certificate from the Management Institute, University of Richmond.

I have taught school in four states and worked as a career counselor at Messiah College for over 18 years. I am qualified in assessments, have taught college and graduate classes, and served in various churches as a teacher, leader and director in areas of ministry.

“Knowing your purpose motivates your life. Purpose always produces passion.”
—Rick Warren, Purpose-Driven Life

InFOCUS Life Coaching

About Your Coach

Why am I a Life Coach?

Life Coaching is like sitting down over a cup of coffee and talking openly and honestly with a trusted and objective friend. It is a time of processing where you are personally, spiritually and/or professionally. It is an opportunity to focus on your life, your vision and desires, and what you want to do to move close to the person you want to be and the life you want to live.

For me, Life Coaching is a natural extension of who I am and what I have personally experienced. Through my background in counseling and ministry, I have seen the value of talking through life issues. I have also become a better person for having been counseled and coached by those who took time to listen, understand and offer new and sometimes challenging perspectives. That same type of relationship and commitment can be found, by you, through inFOCUS Life Coaching.

I look forward to many conversations with you as you look at your life, your goals, and your direction. It is in the process of slowing down long enough to take a sip of coffee and talk to your coach that awareness, understanding and action can take place.

How has my life journey prepared me?

I am a follower of Jesus, a wife, mother, teacher, counselor and Life Coach. The Lord has led me through college, marriage, church ministry, motherhood, death of my first husband, re-marriage and a second chance at life. After pursuing a graduate degree, I taught college classes, led assessment workshops, served in the role of pastor’s wife and in a variety of ministry areas, and had a full and exciting career as a college career counselor. I am now a Life Coach, part-time college career coach, ministry leader, cancer survivor.

Through it all, God has not only been faithful, but He has given me an abundant life! I believe with all my heart that my days, my career, my health, my family, my ministry are securely in His hands and that each day is a gift to be used wisely and fully. Purposeful living is a great motivator!

As a Life Coach who is a Christian, my coaching is based on Biblical principles and on Jesus as the model of love, truth and transformation. Because I respect the different values and beliefs of each client, I will not impose my values on you, but do want you to know the core of who I am.

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