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inFOCUS assistance for those who counsel

Life Coaching is for healthy people who are ready, willing and able to work on creating a life they know God wants them to live.

inFOCUS Life Coaching can support pastors and counselors by providing a way for counselees to keep progressing after their initial counseling sessions are completed. Coaching offers a supportive and encouraging partnership for continuing what was begun in your sessions. Also, you may have some people coming to you for counseling who would be better served through a coaching process. They are ready to make some changes, but need someone to come alongside and help them work out personal, career or spiritual issues. Contact me to discuss these Life Coaching options.

“As we move from urgency to importance, we encounter the fundamental question at hand: What are ‘first things’ and how do we put them first in our lives?”
—Stephen Covey, First Things First

inFOCUS Life Coaching

Life Coaching Areas

Focus on Career Direction

In today’s world the average person may change jobs 10-14 times in their lifetime, and change whole career paths 4-6 times. With that in mind, career coaching focuses on creating multiple options, skills, and approaches. As a career counselor, I have worked with a range of people from high school to post retirement and dealt with numerous issues utilizing a career planning process that helps clarify career direction, career transitions, re-careering or re-entering the work force. New insights and direction can be found by addressing questions like “Who am I now?” “What do I really want to do?” “What are my life issues or roadblocks?” “How do I move forward?”

From creating a vision and assessing your strengths to setting and pursuing well-defined goals, inFOCUS Life Coaching can help you move into the next phase of your career journey with more purpose and confidence.

Special Quick Fire options for those who need resume, cover letter or graduate school essay preparation and critique. See How Do I Get Started?

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Focus on Life Stages

20’s and 30’s

The 20’s and 30’s are often years of exploring options, building skills, developing relationships, redefining spirituality, and moving toward family and/or careers that demand time and energy. At some point you may experience what has been coined the “quarterlife crisis” (Robbins, Wilner), where lifestyle and careers that once were satisfying are now frustratingly vague or unfulfilling. There seem to be more questions than answers.

inFOCUS Life Coaching will help you clarify your values and goals in order to develop an appropriate course of action. Life can be satisfying and purpose-driven.

40’s and 50’s

The 40’s and 50’s often deal with increasing stress of taking on additional roles, moving into new career paths, dealing with growing family issues (children, parents or both), growing commitments to friendships, family and community activities, church, and/or life-long learning. Because of the stress and pace of life, it may be necessary to take a personal “time out” just to examine who you are, what you are doing, and why you are doing it.

inFOCUS Life Coaching will help you focus on aspects of your life that need attention and direction. Self-awareness, values-based decision making and balance are key aspects at this point in the journey. Have you completed the Life Balance Wheel?


At some point in the 50’s, there is a change of perspective from the now to a focus on the future. It is a time of re-evaluating life and looking at issues of health, finances, and relationships. Retirement or life and career direction become part of the conversation. It is also an introspective time of spiritual reflection and thinking about your legacy.

inFOCUS Life Coaching will help you sort through the maze of issues and enable you to process and plan intentionally for the present, and for a hopeful and purposeful future.

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Focus on Major Life Events

Life journeys have many crossroads or forks in the road. These are decision-making times. There is a need to stop and take a good look at where you are and evaluate what you are going to do. It is a time when your life journey and your spiritual journey may merge as never before. Major events can be anything from moving, loss of job or health, losing someone to death, divorce or illness, or confronting a crisis in life or ministry. At times like these, it is critically important to talk to someone you trust.

inFOCUS Life Coaching will help you move through major life changes or difficult decisions to a new and clearer vision of what could be.

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Focus on Issues Facing Ministry Leaders or Ministry Spouses

Are you struggling in ministry? For ministry leaders, the passion once felt, the joy once part of your service to the Lord, the confidence in yourself and your direction that was once strong and sure, may now be in question. Some of you may have come face to face with issues about your job/role or the realization that you have to make some significant changes. When questions arise, and they will, who can you talk to?

Those married to ministry leaders often experience the same questions but have no place to process concerns, doubts and longings. Your spiritual journey is just as important as your spouses, and your identity in Christ is vital to future personal and spiritual growth.

inFOCUS Life Coaching offers you, as ministry leaders or spouses, a safe place in which to discuss and process your thoughts. By focusing on areas of your life and ministry you can find God’s direction and His power again.

Remember: Everything is confidential in the coaching relationship and can be done from anywhere via phone or in person if living close enough geographically.

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