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“I feel like I’ve sort of come full circle—being unhappy with work, unhappy with my creative life, finding my creative side, finding my freedom to be me, finding my job at stake, finding another job—it’s like I’m getting a fresh start all around!”
—Journalist, inFOCUS Life Coaching Client

inFOCUS Life Coaching

How Do I Get Started?

inFOCUS Life Coaching is easy to initiate

inFOCUS Life Coaching is something you can try before making a commitment. If you are ready to make some significant changes, begin by taking advantage of a free trial “coaching call” (or one-on-one conversation) with no charge or obligation. This will allow you to participate in a coaching experience. The coaching relationship must begin with a sense that we are comfortable with each other initially, and there is potential for developing a strong coaching partnership. An initial phone call or one-on-one conversation is all it takes.

inFOCUS Life Coaching is convenient

Life Coaching can be done one-on-one or by phone. Phone coaching is convenient, effective and gives flexibility of time and place. Life Coaching information and resources will be sent to you via the inFOCUS webpage and email. Coaching is therefore possible from anywhere in the world where there is access to phone or internet. We will work out the best method, day and time for your coaching.

inFOCUS Life Coaching is effective

As a professionally trained coach, I will make sure that time spent is focused and purposeful. With each session, you will learn to talk more openly, explore more deeply, and make wise choices about how to move forward. Every week you will recognize the value of accountability. I will be your be your strongest encourager and supporter, and will spur you on. You will have a partner—you will have a life coach!

  • Life Coaching begins with a three month commitment and includes three, 45 minute coaching sessions per month (three weeks on, one week off). We can then mutually determine to extend the time. As with any relationship, the more time spent together the more comfortable, satisfying and effective your life coaching experience will become.
  • Each session includes follow-up, resources as needed and a coaching plan for the following session. A coaching prep sheet will be prepared by you prior to each session in order to make the coaching time as meaningful and productive as possible.

inFOCUS Life Coaching Fees

  • $150.00 per month payable on or before the first session of each month
  • Three month minimum (9 sessions); additional sessions will be discussed and agreed upon by both parties
  • SPECIAL QUICK FIRE OPTIONS: Contact me for short term options covering career preparation materials such as resumes, cover letters, graduate school essays or immediate coaching needs for time-limited decisions.
  • Payment made out to: Sandra Orke, inFOCUS Life Coach

inFOCUS Life Coaching begins with an email

Please email me to ask questions or to schedule your free coaching phone call. I would love to talk with you about the benefits of Life Coaching.

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