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Sandra (Sandy) Orke, Life Coach and Career Counselor

Sandra (Sandy) Orke

Life Coach, Career Counselor, MS

My background includes a Bachelors degree in Education, Masters in Counseling, training and certificate in Life Coaching from the Institute for Life Coach Training, International Coaching Federation and a NACE Management and Leadership certificate from the Management Institute, University of Richmond.

I have taught school in four states and worked as a career counselor/coach at Messiah College for over 18 years. I am qualified in assessments, have taught college and graduate classes, and served in various leadership roles in both college and church ministry.


“I did get what I was hoping from the [coaching] experience. I am not someone that likes to be told what steps to take and have someone’s plan forced on me. I needed someone to ask the right questions so that I could hear myself voice the answers. I am someone that needs to process things out loud. Your questions and guidance enabled me to hear it, understand it, and go for it.”
—Pastor, inFOCUS Life Coaching Client

inFOCUS Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

If you think of life as a journey, several things become apparent. Life journey suggests process, movement in a direction chosen by you, stops and starts, ever-changing landscape, times of great satisfaction and purpose, and times of frustration, doubt and fatigue. With the fast pace of life, few of us slow down long enough to take stock of where we are on this journey or to examine the direction in which we are headed. However, for many of us there is an ever-growing sense that while we a moving forward, our life is out of focus. With your own personal Life Coach, you can take a deep breath, look at your life, and intentionally move toward bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is a profession that helps people deal effectively with comprehensive life and career issues, life balance and direction, and purposeful living. Life Coaching is not counseling: it does not focus on the past. Life Coaching is about the present and the future, moving from what is to what could be. Life Coaching focuses on strengths, on clarifying vision, values, goals and determining ways to accomplish those goals. inFOCUS Life Coaching is for people who are ready, willing and able to begin making the changes they know are needed in order to bring clarity and purpose to their personal lives, work and/or ministry.

inFOCUS Coaching Relationship

Life coaching is a unique partnership, a relationship developed over time based on professionalism, confidentiality, honesty and openness. As a Life Coach, I am professionally trained to help you think carefully about your life, to clarify issues, and to move intentionally toward achieving those things that are most important to you. inFOCUS Life Coaching offers you the opportunity to work on areas of personal, professional or spiritual development within the framework of a coaching partnership.

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